This The Division player has already reached the max level possible

Ubisoft has announced a week and a half after its release, one player has already reached the maximum level possible in The Division.

Chaos 3SK has reached the Level 30 and achieved Dark Zone Rank 99, both of which are the maximum possible in The Division. In order to earn the maximum Level and Dark Zone Rank, Chaos 3SK had to spend a total of 130 hours, which he started doing so 41 seconds after The Division’s official launch.

According to stats released by Ubisoft, Chaos 3SK has achieved a total of 15,349 kills and has extracted 505 items from within the Dark Zone.

Let’s just hope next week’s update doesn’t involve a greater incentive for going Rogue, or else we could all be in some serious trouble considering it looks like Chaos 3SK is always playing.

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