Mortal Kombat X: How to perform Triborg, Leatherface, Bo Rai Cho, and Alien Fatalities/Brutalities

This has been a big week for Mortal Kombat fans, as Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios released the updated version of Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat XL introduces new netcode and, of course, tosses in some new characters. And with the arrival of Triborg, Leatherface, Bo'Rai Cho, and Alien come a new batch of finishing moves.

First off, Shacknews has compiled a video of the latest batch of Fatalities. Those can be seen below.

Next, we have the means to perform said Fatalities, as well as their Brutalities listed below them. Here's a full list:


  • Team Work: (Mid-range) Forward, Back, Forward, Forward
  • Death Machine: (Far) Forward, Down, Down, Up

  • Head Strong: (All variations) LT + RT on Xbox One; L2 + R2 on PS4
  • Friendship: (All variations) Throw, hold Back with Cyrax/Towards with Sektor/Down with Smoke, hit Front Punch/Back Punch four times on final hit
  • Incoming: (Sektor variation, from Jump distance) Land three straight missiles (Back, Forward, Front Punch)
  • Heads Up: (Cyrax variation, on airborn opponent) Down, Back, Back Kick, hold Down during final hit
  • Spear on the Head: (Smoke variation) Back, Forward, Front Punch
  • Ice Solo: (Cyber Sub-Zero variation, from Jump distance) Deploy Drone (Down, Down, Front Kick), Back, Forward, Front Punch + Block [Find out how to access Cyber Sub-Zero variant here]


  • Seeing Double: (Close) Forward, Back, Down, Front Punch
  • Hook and Sinker: (Close) Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Front Kick

  • Country-Fried: (All variations) Throw, hold Forward during the final hit
  • Butcher Block: (All variations) LT + RT on Xbox One; L2 + R2 on PS4, must hold Down on final hit
  • Half Slab: (Killer variation) Down, Back, Front Kick, hit Circle on final hit
  • The Tenderizer: (Butcher variation) Down, Back, Forward, Front Punch
  • Trimming the Fat: (Pretty Lady variation, from Jump distance) Back, Forward, Back Punch

Bo' Rai Cho

  • Booze You Loser: (Close) Down, Down, Back, Forward, Front Punch
  • Bottom Up: (Close) Back, Forward, Down, Back Punch

  • Fat Iron: (All variations) Throw, hold Down during the final hit
  • Tubs of Fun: (All variations, must perform 3 Belly Bashes or Flying Kicks during the match) Back, Forward, Back Kick
  • Hot Foot: (Dragon Breath variation) Down, Forward, Front Punch + Block
  • Blowing Chunks: (Drunken Master variation, Level 3 Drunk) Down, Forward, Back Punch + Block
  • Head on a Stick: (Baritsu variation) Back + Front Kick, Front Punch + Front Kick


  • Killer Queen: (Close) Down, Down, Back Forward, Front Kick
  • Deadly Hybrid: (Mid-range) Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Front Punch

  • Slash and Bash: (All variations) Down, Back, Front Kick + Block
  • Little Head: Throw, hold Forward during the final hit
  • Acid Burn: (Acidic variation, from the air) Down, Back, Back Punch
  • Alien Baby: (Konjurer variation, must perform one Facehugger during Round 1) Down, Back, Front Punch
  • The Slicer: (Tarkatan variation) Down, Back, Front Punch