Here's Some Piping-Hot Tidbits About Persona 5, Straight From the Director

Is there anything more exciting than new Persona 5 news? The fact that the game's coming out soon, probably. But any time a new tasty morsel of news escapes about the impending Persona release, I tend to pay attention. There's a whole new glut of info out there from the latest release of Persona Magazine #2016 March, featuring a glut of new information in an interview with Persona series director Katsura Hashino.

Hashino explains that Persona 5's dungeon level design will be much different from games in the past, setting the game in Tokyo to create a "phantom thief drama" in a world that players are already familiar with.

Additionally, the characters themselves get a little more background information. Ryuji Sakamoto is an "insistent," "let's change the world type of character" who pulls along the protagonist, while Ann Takamaki is a quarter-American character who's isolated after her return to Japan. The Morgana character is similar to Teddie in many ways, and takes on the form of a cat in real life.

More importantly, there will be a system similar to the Social Links we saw in place in prior games, with the way Persona 5 depicts human relationship a step above Persona 3 and Persona 4's displays. And if you're sitting waiting to hear more info about the game ahead of its release (aren't we all?) Hashino says Atlus is considering doing something related to the series' 20th anniversary "that will please fans." Let's hope it's something amazing.

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