Postal: Redux kills for the first time on PS4 this year; PC version coming Spring 2016

Running with Scissors will be entering the console market for the first time when it releases Postal: Redux.

Postal: Redux was briefly mentioned by Running with Scissors in November 2014, and today, we’re learning the game will be getting a console release on the PlayStation 4 in addition to its original PC, SteamOS, and Mac releases. The PS4 version of Postal: Redux is expected to release after its PC version some time later this year, while the PC version is expected to be released in Spring 2016.

Postal: Redux is being developed in Unreal 4 and will share the same 2D backgrounds with 3D models layered over it as the original game. The game will feature improved graphics and 2-player online co-op. While the option of couch co-op isn’t completely out of the question, the feature is currently up in the air.

As far as its controls, the console version of Postal: Redux will play more like a twin-stick shooter. The PC version will also support twin-stick controls when using a gamepad, but will allow for mouse/keyboard controls as well.

While the core gameplay mechanics of Postal are kept intact, Running With Scissors have included a new Rampage Mode. This new single-player mode is based around a scoring system that encourages an aggressive style of play. Players will need to increase a multiplier by earning consecutive kill streaks, to which players will earn a grade following the completion of each level.

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