For Some Reason, Sonic Is Now Starring In A Live-Action and Animation Movie Hybrid

In 2014, Sega announced a CG-animated Sonic the Hedgehog film that we could expect to see produced by way of Japanese studio Marza Animation Planet. The world groaned. Fast forward to 2015, and we saw hide nor hair of the film anywhere. It seemed like we had escaped the eye of the storm.

Now, Sega Sammy Holdings has announced a partnership with Sony Pictures to bring Sonic to the silver screen once and for all. Except this time the movie's going to be an amalgam of live action and computer-generated animation. In short, it's gonna go the way of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Okay then.

There aren't many other bits and pieces of information to share about the project just yet, but it's not surprising that there's such a big project planned for Sonic. This is the blue blur's 25th anniversary, after all. I'm just not so sure this movie is the best way to celebrate it.

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