ARK: Survival Evolved does the dinosaur on Xbox One next week

While we knew ARK: Survival Evolved would eventually be making its way to consoles as early as June 2016, Studio Wildcard has confirmed the game will be available on Xbox Game Preview on December 16.

Studio Wildcard founder Jesse Rapczak confirmed with IGN the Xbox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved will be as up to date as the PC version when it launches next week. The title will be updated frequently and will be upgraded to the full version for free once it officially launches.

Rapczak makes a note that the $34.99 asking price of the Xbox Game Preview version will be cheaper than the asking price at launch. If that wasn’t enough of an incentive to pick the game up prior to its official launch, Xbox Game Preview participants will receive exclusive in-game items, which includes a skin for your pet T-Rex to make him look mechanized.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when ARK: Survival Evolved will get an early access launch on PlayStation 4.

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