The Escapists The Walking Dead release date announced

Team17 has announced The Escapists The Walking Dead will be available on both Xbox One and PC on September 30.

We learned about the new The Escapists game shortly after E3 2015. The title merges the gameplay and aesthetics of The Escapists with the universe and characters from The Walking Dead series. Players will take the role of Rick Grimes, who needs to lead and protect survivors, many of which come from the original comic book series. A number of dangerous environments need to be secured by Grimes and his crew, as well as surviving attacks and escaping when things get a little too hot.

The Escapists The Walking Dead features a total of 5 levels that follow the timeline of the comic, including Harrison Memorial Hospital, Greene Family Farm, Meriwether Correctional Facility, Woodbury, and Alexandria. Weapons and items can be crafted in the game, including Michonne’s Katana and various tools and weapons.

The Escapists The Walking Dead will retail for $17.99 for the PC version, while Xbox One owners will pay $19.99.

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