Persona 5 release date pushed back to summer 2016

Those who were looking forward to playing Persona 5 this year will be severely disappointed as Atlus has announced the game is being delayed to summer 2016.

Today’s news comes from a new trailer for the game that launched during the Tokyo Game Show. The trailer is filled with in-game visuals as we can see both animated and CGI cutscenes are being used throughout the game. We also see the battle system in a number of scenes, which appears to look quite similar to how battles play out in previous Persona games. Characters can be seen donning their Persona through the use of a mask, while also gaining new ones that turn into new masks.

Persona 5 is one of those games that we can’t help but want to play as soon as possible, so today’s delay has hit us pretty hard. We’ll be spending the entire day holding a Teddie plush to help soothe the pain of having to wait an entire year for Persona 5.

Persona 5 is expected to release on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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