Smash Bros Dev Criticizes Industry DLC Practices as a 'Scam'

Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai compared currently downloadable content plans to scamming customers, saying instead that the goal should be about "making the players happy." 

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by Source Gaming) Sakurai touched on various points concerning DLC, outside of Nintendo and Super Smash Bros.

“These days the 'DLC Scam' has become quite the epidemic,” Sakurai said. “Charging customers extra money to complete what was essentially an unfinished game.”

This argument of course, isn’t a direct attack against post-release content. It does, however, stand hard against the practice of taking content from the original game and locking it behind DLC paywalls. As the article goes on Sakurai even states that it is “the easiest way to make money." That hasn’t changed how things work behind closed doors at the Smash Bros developer’s office, though, as Sakurai made it clear that “the DLC we are releasing for [Smash] is authentic, developed only after we finished working on the main game.”

DLC has become more scrutinized in recent years, as triple-A games sometimes seem cut into parts for DLC before release. It has also become a growing trend for games everywhere to announce DLC before the main game even launches. Nintendo has been more cautious in its approach towards DLC, but Sakurai is definitely taking a stand for a more consumer-friendly approach on the whole.

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