Dungeon Hunter 5 coming to iOS, Android, and Windows later this year

Gameloft has announced the next chapter of its popular Dungeon Hunter series, Dungeon Hunter 5, will be hacking and slashing its way to iOS, Android, and Windows later this year.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a direct sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4 as players will see the consequences of the demon war. Instead of playing a soldier equipped with spirit powers, players will be assuming the role of a bounty hunter looking to earn treasures and new gear by completing different quests.

Gameloft rebuilt Dungeon Hunter 5 from the ground up to better harness the power of new mobile devices. Improved graphics, environments, animations, and details are all included in the developer’s upcoming game. And, of course, new gear, abilities, and weapons are also included.

I’ve always enjoyed the Dungeon Hunter series and I’m pretty interested in seeing how many improvements Gameloft can offer in Dungeon Hunter 5 over it’s predecessor. There’s no word when exactly we could expect Dungeon Hunter 5 to be released, but in the meantime, Gameloft has offered a trailer of the game that shows off some in-game footage as well as some developer commentary to better introduce us to this game.

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