PlayStation Home shutting down in Japan next year

Ever since its launch a few years ago for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Home has acted as a quirky virtual space for users, allowing gamers to build their own creative spaces using items from games like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet, among other properties. However, it looks like gamers will need to move on soon.

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan has announced that the PlayStation Home service will shut down in Asian territories in March 2015. The service will remain free in the meantime, but no new items will be available for purchase after September 24th.

However, there's no word yet if the virtual service will live on outside of Japan, particularly in Europe and North America. It's likely, though, that with the transition to PlayStation 4, they'll see a shutdown in services as well. So set up those final bowling tournaments, kids. The party may soon be over.