Sonic Boom Gamescom trailer has the hedgehog biting the dust

The latest trailer for Sega's Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric features a situation we haven't seen in the Sonic series before: the demise of the great blue hedgehog.

Don't worry, he's not gone for good. Sure, Sonic gets surrounded by a group of devastating robots and blasted by them collectively, but he talks as he's buried by rocks, talking about how it wasn't his finest moment. So, yeah, he lives on, we suppose.

Anyway, the trailer highlights all the running around you can do in the game alongside Knuckles, Tails and Amy, as well as the enormous new foe you face, a snake-like creature that wants nothing more than to eradicate living things in favor of a robotic way of life. What a jerk.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric will debut on November 18th, while the 3DS counterpart, Shattered Crystal, arrives a week earlier on November 11th.