Resident Evil remake coming back from the dead

When the original Resident Evil debuted for PlayStation, it was a masterpiece, despite its grainy visuals and tank-like controls. When it arrived again for the GameCube just a few years later, Capcom did away with the grainy visuals in favor of polished graphics, although it still kept most of the tank-like controls. So how do you improve on it again? With another new version, of course.

Capcom announced today that it would be remaking Resident Evil (yes, again), but this time for current consoles, including the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, along with PC. The game is expected to arrive sometime early next year.

The graphics have been touched up yet again, but this time with a scrolling camera that involves gamers more in the experience, rather than just sticking with the stoic angles we've come to expect from the game. You'll also be able to choose between different aspect ratios in terms of viewing, either with the original 4:3 experience or an all-new 16:9, where you get a bigger view of what's happening in the mansion. 

Best of all, Capcom has finally included a new control option, instead of just using the original "tank" controls. You now have an option to move the character in the direction of the analog stick, in line with the more recent Resident Evil experiences. Tank controls are still present too, because nostalgia demands it. Expect more details next week with the game's official unveil at Gamescom.