Persona 4 Arena Ultimax gets a trio of new challengers

A trio of new challengers are preparing to jump into the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax fray. Publisher Atlus announced that Yukari Takeba, Rise Kujikawa, and Junpei Iori will all make their way into the arena and each of them have brought their own respective trailer... and gimmicks.

Yukari acts as Ultimax's resident 'Power Ranger' analog, complete with pink motif and power bow. Rise (an NPC in the previous Persona 4 Arena) is the series' teenage pop star, bringing her golden vocal chords to her music-based attacks. And Junpei is ready to play ball with his baseball-themed attacks, including a swing that knocks his opponents into the rafters.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is set to release later this fall on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The trailers are available to watch below.