Third Eye Crime sneaks onto PC today

Today is a banner day for indie developer Moonshot Games. The studio comprised of former Bungie developers has taken their debut game, a mobile stealth game called Third Eye Crime, and released it on PC.

Third Eye Crime is a throwback to the days of noir detective dramas, with players thrown into a top-down animated setting. The story centers around a criminal named Rothko, who must skillfully complete his heists while avoiding detection. To do so, he must use his 'third eye' ability to predict enemy movements, using that knowledge to send them down the wrong path. After misdirecting his foes, Rothko can make a clean getaway.

The cinematically-animated Third Eye Crime features 120 levels. The full game is available now on Steam. Those looking for the mobile version can also pick it up on the App Store, but be warned. The mobile version only offers a small chunk of those 120 levels, requiring an in-app purchase for the whole enchilada.