Rogue Legacy coming to PlayStation this month

The indie game Rogue Legacy is coming to PlayStation platforms on July 29, developer Cellar Door Games announced today. It will hit PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita simultaneously, and features cross-buy and cross-save through all three platforms.

The announcement promises all of the features and content patches from the PC version and support for multiple languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. The studio also states that it designed Rogue Legacy with Vita buttons in mind, to make sure any eventual port would be optimized. That's some serious foresight.

Rogue Legacy is a platforming action-adventure with roguelike elements, meaning randomized dungeons and constant death. But the story centers on a lineage of heroes taking up the task from their fallen parents, so each new life is a new family member with unique strengths and weaknesses. It received positive reviews on PC when it released last year.