Mighty No 9 studio teases animated series

Mighty No 9 isn't out yet, but creator Keiji Inafune is already moving forward on plans to expand the franchise beyond the game realm. The team is exploring an animated series, and animation studio Digital Frontier has put together a teaser of what we might expect from such a project.

An update to the official site outlines the details. A date hasn't been announced, but Comcept is careful to note that Kickstarter funds won't be used for the series. Inafune had previously hinted at this possibility, by saying the world of Mighty No 9 could support other media like comic books, anime, or a live-action movie.

In a separate development, Comcept has also opened PayPal crowd-funding with a new stretch goal for the game: full English voice acting. As with the animated series, the studio notes that this new funding will not go towards any of the previous development efforts from its successful Kickstarter campaign, and will only go towards the new goal.