Inafune in talks for Mighty No. 9 movie adaptation

Keiji Inafune's Mega Man-like project Mighty No. 9, which raised over $3.8 millon on Kickstarter, isn't slated to release until 2015. However, the game could be just the start for the new hero, as word has it that someone could be signing on to produce a movie script very soon.

Earlier in the week, Contradiction Films writer and producer Tim Carter stated that his production company had begun plugging away on a script for the hero, and had been talking with Keiji Inafune about getting it off the ground. Infaune confirmed such talks today.

"It's not actually a 100 percent set deal yet," Inafune told Polygon. "It is something we are looking forward to and considering the possibilities of. We are in talks with Contradiction about the possibility of making a live-action Mighty No. 9 movie."

Inafune said the plans for Mighty No. 9 expand much larger than just a single game or movie, however. "The story as a whole we're planning on making is a lot bigger than Mega Man was," he explained. "There are a lot of things in the story, a lot of things we've already considered and already have for Mighty No. 9 that exists. With just one game we won't be able to go over all of these things."

He concluded, "I'd like there to be a comic book, manga, anime, movie, TV dram series. Any possibility you can think of."