The Secret World begins its 2nd anniversary update

The Secret World is now two years old and Funcom is celebrating with a massive amount of new content, including bonuses and an all-new boss. On top of the update, which is set to kick off today, the studio is also offering some special recruiting incentives for current players to help cover their cost of membership.

The Secret World anniversary event will offer double Ability Points for all players, which will stack with the effects of various items. The update will also include some story-based content, with four new action missions and one investigation mission. A giant Golem will also be rampaging across Tokyo, in case anyone wants to take it down for some additional loot.

Players also have the chance to pull in a free month of membership for each new referral. Each current member will receive 10 invite keys, which equals ten potential months of extra perks, like early access to new content and item store discounts. Of course, the game is free-to-play beyond its initial upfront retail price, so if you already own the game, you're free to jump back in at any time.