Shack Snack: July 2, 2014

Kick back and treat yourself to a Shack Snack, a short recap of three big stories you should know. It's like a CliffsNotes for video games! If you enjoy, don't forget to subscribe to us on YouTube.


Trials Fusion 'Riders of the Rustlands' coming this month

Ubisoft has dated the first piece of downloadable content for Trials Fusion, Riders of the Rustlands. It will hit the gas on July 29 for $4.99, or as an inclusion in the $20 season pass. A second piece of content, Empire of the Sky, is coming later this summer. Six pieces are due in all.

Gods Will Be Watching gameplay trailer debuts

Gods Will Be Watching, the adventure game centered on moral dilemmas, has received its first gameplay trailer. In it, we get to see a few of the crises that face our daring space captain, and the decisions that he faces.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 'Operation Breakout' launches

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has introduced Operation Breakout, a collection of six community-generated maps. A $5.99 "All Access" pass will let you access missions and other connected features as the maps remain on playlists through October 2.

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Opinion: Hearthstone tournament controversy shows the folly of eSports' ambitions

Video games are among the most prominent mediums struggling to shake off an undesired "boys-only" stigma. It's an issue that continues to grow uglier, as new social conundrums pop up by the day, often leaving women marginalized and men under a shameful spotlight. However, the latest controversy spells out a more recent folly for video games, particularly in the competitive realm. Reddit's Hearthstone community had recently discovered a qualifier for an upcoming Finland Assembly Summer 2014 tournament would be open to male players only. There is no ambiguity in this statement. The tournament organizers clearly expressed that women would not be allowed, with their justification being that they're aiming for this tournament to be on par with legitimate sports. This is an argument that trivializes the idea of video games as a "real sport" and one that competitive gaming should move away from.