Report: Nintendo teaming up with YouTube for affiliate program

Nintendo didn't exactly make friendly with a number of its avid users last year when it started a new Content ID match program on YouTube that shifted monetization from the video creators directly to the company. It stated it started this program merely for safety's sake, although many felt it was more of a cash grab for it. However, if a couple of recent tweets from the company's Japanese Nintendo account are to be believed, it might be looking to make amends with a new affiliate program.

The account (via Game Informer) indicates that the program is being launched so that the company can share revenue with authorized content creators, which would be a vast change of pace from what the Content ID program delivered. Nintendo of America hasn't confirmed anything just yet, but, if true, this could be a nice turn-around for the company.

Partnering with YouTube makes sense, especially when considering that Nintendo's latest release, Mario Kart 8, will fully support direct uploads to the video service when it launches this Friday.