Crytek steps into Arena of Fate this summer

Crytek has spent quite a bit of time working on franchises, most notably EA's Crysis series. However, as of late, it's trying a few new ideas, such as the recently released free-to-play Warface and, as of today, a new fighting game that will put classic characters to the test.

The game is called Arena of Fate, and it pits legendary heroes from history and fantasy into 5-on-5 battles. Players can try it out and select from a large roster of characters, including Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper and Baron Munchausen.

"Imagine Joan of Arc and Robin Hood cooperating to hunt down Little Red Riding Hood – wouldn't that be terrific?" said game director Vesselin Handjiev, in the announcement. "But besides the game's iconic heroes, which everyone in the team really loves, we are also challenging ourselves to carefully craft a streamlined player experience that allows for both greater accessibility, and rich, deep, action-packed gameplay. We are very excited to meet the first wave of players in the arena this summer, and will be listening carefully to the feedback we receive and making the community's contribution a key part of our efforts to perfect the fun."

The game is slated to arrive on both PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in just a matter of months. It will be shown at E3 as well, so we'll have more details then.