Helldivers fires onto PS4, PS3, and Vita this summer

Magicka creators Arrowhead Studios are preparing to launch their upcoming top-down shooter, Helldivers. The collaboration with Sony and Foster City Studios is set to blast off onto PS4, PS3, and Vita this summer.

Helldivers takes players into a dystopian future, placing up to four soldiers on procedurally-generated worlds. Players can aid themselves and teammates by calling down ammo drops, turrets, and replacement reinforcements with the left shoulder button and the D-pad. However, the principle of teamwork remains in place through the entire game, because friendly fire is enabled at all times.

"Arrowhead's decision to keep friendly fire on at all times forces players to stick together, play carefully, and think about positioning," said Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements on PlayStation.Blog. "These necessities lead to more interesting battles, since players can't kick back and shoot away with no concern for where they — or their teammates — are standing.

Helldivers will support both cross-play and cross-save across all three of the game's versions.