Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies hits PC on June 24

Sega and Relic Entertainment are ready to bring Company of Heroes 2 back to the series' roots with The Western Front Armies standalone multiplayer expansion. Sega has revealed a June 24 release date for the new CoH2 content and has accompanied the announcement with a new trailer.

The latest trailer shows some of the infantry from both the new U.S. Forces and German Oberkommando West factions engaging in the series' recognizable RTS combat. The battle quickly escalates when tanks roll in from both sides.

The Western Front Armies expansion will include eight new maps and over 1,000 community-created maps from the Steam Workshop. Those picking up the expansion without the base game will still get access to Company of Heroes 2's 23 existing maps for multiplayer. Each of the new factions will be available for $13 individually or $20 for both. Sega and Relic are also offering some pre-order bonuses for picking up both new armies with two unique vehicles skins and matching faceplates.