Hearthstone Hunter too 'dominant' for comfort, says Blizzard

Hearthstone has been on PC for months, but the iPad version expanded the player base and has had some impact on the meta-game. Recently, some fans have been griping about the Hunter class being overpowered, and Blizzard signaled its agreement with a small change to one of its signature cards.

In an update on the official forum, Blizzard said the Hunter decks have become "increasingly more dominant and are doing better than we are comfortable across many levels of play." But the studio isn't taking a wild swing, and has instead changed a minor aspect of just one card. "Unleash the Hounds," which grants the Hunter a charged hound for every enemy minion on the board, now costs three mana instead of two.

"We do like the idea of decks that have a really big turn and pull off a sweet combo, but when playing against Hunter decks, you may feel punished too much for playing minions," the post reads. "Playing minions is one of the key, fun pieces of the overall Hearthstone puzzle, and feeling like your options are limited by the opponent creates a play experience that may not be particularly enjoyable."

Players on the forum seem skeptical that the change is enough, as some are calling for a higher cost or others for the card to be removed altogether. Blizzard says it only wants to make changes when they're "completely necessary," which probably means they'll watch the stats to see if this change had the desired effect before changing anything else.