Borderlands 2 Vita cross-saves won't work till next week

Those of you who picked up the Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita bundle are definitely in for a treat, as you can download the game and all of its downloadable content days before the game's official release. However, there's something that'll be missing from your loot sessions until May 13th.

The development team behind the portable version of the game promised that it would feature cross-compatibility with saves from the PlayStation 3 edition. However, that feature hasn't gone live just yet.

A number of users took to the official Gearbox Software forums (via Game Informer) to address the matter. Since that time, a company representative has responded, stating that a patch will be available for the game on Tuesday, May 13, its first official day of release. At that time, the feature will be live, and players will be able to carry over their progress on the PS Vita, and vice-versa.

So don't worry, fellow looters, it's not too far off. And it's certainly not Handsome Jack's doing…