Watch (and snap) the NFL draft on Xbox One

When Xbox One debuted, Microsoft made a point of showing how the snap feature would let you watch football games and participate in your fantasy draft without ever leaving the console. The message was clear: Xbox One is the footballiest console. Now that the NFL draft is starting up, Microsoft is once again accenting its gridiron chops with a draft channel for Gold members.

The NFL app currently features prospects, highlight videos, and analysis. Starting this Thursday, you can use the NFL app itself to stream the draft, or snap the "Draft Tracker" to the side of your screen while you play a game. Once a player is chosen, you'll be able to get more details and see which team is next on the clock. It will also feature daily recaps and highlights if you missed anything. Later in the season, the NFL app will continue to update with preseason content.

"Our NFL experience currently features a large volume of NFL Draft videos and analysis, with new video content arriving daily," said Sports at Xbox executive producer David Jurenka, in the announcement. "The control we give to fans is what makes our system unique," David said. "If your team drafts Johnny Manziel and you want to see some clips of him, you can just jump in and do that. We're taking what has traditionally been a passive TV experience and making it interactive and personalized."