EA Sports UFC's career mode has you starting in The Ultimate Fighter

EA Sports has detailed the career mode of its upcoming UFC game.

To start you career, you'll need to create a fighter. You can even import your own appearance by using the new "Game Face" feature. Then, you'll pick one of UFC's eight weight classes and choose between one of 10 different fighting styles. You'll also have points to spread across 24 categories that you can build up, in addition to purchasing unique skills and moves.

Then, you'll have to pick a coach, including names like Johny Hendricks, Jon Jones, and Alexander Gustafsson. You'll compete in the Ultimate Fighter tournament--and if you make it, you'll be on your way to the UFC.

You'll try to make your career as "legendary" as possible. For example, you won't want to do too many five-round contests, as it'll lower your career longevity. Fighting recklessly and absorbing too much damage will impact your chances, as well. "When your longevity meter runs out, your fighter's career is over," EA explains on their blog. Winning via TKOs will raise fan popularity and open doors for sponsorships and visits from other noteworthy fighters.