Divinity: Original Sin arrives on June 20

Divinity: Original Sin is well into its beta period and Larian Studios is ready to issue a formal release date. The oft-delayed crowdfunded RPG will now arrive on June 20 and the studio is celebrating this announcement with a new trailer and bulky update for the game's Early Access build.

The latest beta build will include an overhauled loot generation matrix (resulting in better drops for all), skill stats that now level up alongside characters, new Rogue abilities that include a 'Way of the Rogue' special ability, difficulty settings, multiple user profiles, 135 new music tracks, and several other changes. The new update will also feature a number of bug and optimization fixes and balance tweaks.

The full list of changes can be found on Divinity's Steam page. Divinity: Original Sin's beta is currently available on Steam Early Access.