Prince of Persia announcement teased by Ubisoft engineer

Another Prince of Persia game may be on the way. A Ubisoft engineer teased an image pointing to an impending announcement for the next iteration of the long-dormant franchise. But given the speed with which the image (and his entire account) disappeared, it seems likely he jumped the gun.

GameSpot caught Ubisoft Reflections engineer Drew James' tweet, which featured an image showing the various iterations of the Prince. It also showed a question mark and asked, "What's next for Prince of Persia?" That's a good question! And one that James probably knows the answer to. James' Twitter account is now gone entirely, but of course the Internet never forgets.

Reflections' last game was Driver: San Francisco. The last Prince of Persia game came in 2008. Last year, CEO Yannis Mallat said that the series was "paused" and "needs time to breathe and grow." But he claimed that it's an important part of the Ubisoft line-up, and promised it would make a return when it's ready.