Minimum is back, features Titans in mech-on-mech battles

Minimum is back. Originally announced as a free-to-play shooter by Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios, it's now in the works at Human Head--the studio that worked on the what-ever-happened-to-it Prey 2. Like the original concept, Minimum has two teams fight against each other, each equipped with a gigantic robot Titan.

While that may sound like another recently-released game, Minimum offers its own twist: teams will be able to power up their titans by collecting resources to create customized weapons and armor. In fact, the game's official website describes Minimum as combining elements of MOBAs and Minecraft with traditional shooting.

The game was originally scheduled for release last year, but TimeGame's bankruptcy put the game into limbo. Publisher Atari "worked with TimeGate to help extricate Minimum out of the TimeGate bankruptcy and ensure that it would come to fruition," the company tells us.

Minimum will be available for early access spring 2014. Fans can visit the game's official website to pre-register for game updates and receive free bonus in-game items. Price is still "TBD," and it's unclear if it'll still be free-to-play or not.