Terraria 1.2 console update aims to 'do justice' to PC version

The console versions of Terraria have gotten an extensive version 1.2 update. It's available across the console versions (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Vita), and seems to be pretty ambitious in scope.

The update adds more biome options with a new snow biome, unique styles of caves and chests for each biome, adjustments to the hammer and pixaxes, a hard mode jungle temple, more bosses, NPCs, and pets, and more than 100 new enemies. In short, it seems to be hitting every aspect of the game from the top down, so it should change it up significantly. You can check out the full change log for more details.

In the announcement, 505's "Richard Gittins says this is an effort to "do justice to the original PC content," and that they plan to bring additional content throughout 2014.