Rain World is a 'survival platformer' for Vita & PC

Rain World is "a survival platformer" set in an abandoned industrial environment. The world has been ravaged and intense rains make life as we know it impossible. Players control a slugcat who must hunt and collect enough food during the dry season--to survive another cycle of hibernation. Of course, there are other creatures that have the same plan. Originally funded through Kickstarter for PC and Mac, a new update (via Eurogamer) reveals that Adult Swim has since picked up publishing rights, meaning a Vita release is also coming. "They are 100% here to help us take Rain World to the next level," the devs say. Promising nimble controls, intense combat, and limited resources, the devs say "this is not an easy game." Multiplayer will also be offered, with up to 4 player competitive gameplay, including deathmatches, endurance, and custom challenges. Take a look at the trailer:

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