Blood Bowl 2 gameplay video shows quick gridiron action

What happens when you combine football with the creatures of the Warhammer universe? Focus Home Interactive has revealed some new gameplay footage for Cyanide Studios' upcoming Blood Bowl 2, showing footage of monsters hitting the gridiron.

Much of this Blood Bowl 2 footage will look familiar to fans of previous Blood Bowl games, showing hard-hitting action between the Humans of the Reikland Reavers and the Orcs of Gouged Eyeover. Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford once again call the action, bringing a valuable monster perspective to the proceedings. In addition to an all-new graphics engine, the game will feature a full single-player campaign and multiplayer, with unspecified new features. The game will also feature a new League mode, which gives players the opportunity to manage their own team, club, and stadium.

Blood Bowl 2 is coming soon to PC.