Killzone Mercenary adds bots to multiplayer with paid DLC

Bots have finally come to Killzone Mercenary's multiplayer mode. However, you'll have to pay for the feature if you'd like to access it.

The "Botzone Soldier Training Pack" will unlock the ability to play against up to 7 AI soldiers in all of the game's multiplayer maps. Given that it's a Vita game, being able to experience multiplayer in an offline setting is pretty crucial, we'd say.

Hosts will be able to control the number of teammates and enemies joining in battle. For example, you can have three partners to go against one AI enemy. Or, you can go lone wolf and battle against seven other AI foes. Do note that bots will take advantage of all of the game's features, including zip lines, Vanguard, valour cards, and custom loadouts.

Playing against bots will enable players to acquire trophies that were previously online-only--"provided your skills are up to the challenge, of course," the PlayStation.Blog notes.