Severed is the next game from Guacamelee dev

Drinkbox Studios is probably best known for their excellent Metroidvania game, Guacamelee. Their next game takes their signature stylized 2D art and takes it to a new direction--both in terms of mood and genre.

"Severed" tells the story of a warrior who wakes up missing a part of her arm. Exploring an open world, she will fight enemies with gesture-based controls a la Infinity Blade. Along the way, she'll gain new powers by severing and attaching enemy body parts.


The dungeon crawler will feature nonlinear gameplay that allows players the ability to choose when and how they want to upgrade. "The high-level structure is kind of like a Mega Man structure I would say," lead designer Greg Lesky told Destructoid. "You can go down one path, or you can try going down one path and if it's not really working you can go down a different path and try that path, get the new piece of armor or whatever it is from that path, and then try that first path again [as] you'll be more upgraded."

Being a gesture-based game, Severed is ideally suited for touch screens. Mobile is "a given," but the team is also considering Vita, 3DS, and Wii U. Drinkbox is aiming for a 2015 release, meaning the studio has quite a bit of time to figure things out.