Red Storm joins development of Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft Red Storm is contributing to the development of Tom Clancy's The Division. Although Massive is running the show, the game required the support of another studio. Given Red Storm's long history of working on Tom Clancy games, it seemed like a pretty smart fit. "Red Storm is the birthplace of the Tom Clancy game franchise," Massive exectuvie producer Fredrik Rundqvist said. "Their expertise in military hardware, weapons and everything Tom Clancy is second to none in the industry."

So what will Red Storm do for The Division? The studio is tasked with assisting in the development of weapons, given their expertise. "One of the huge benefits that we have is our connections with local military," Red Storm producer Tony Sturtzel said on the Ubi blog. "We've had manufacturers come in and literally disassemble the entire weapon all the way... We probably have unparalleled access to these types of things because of our authenticity department and their focus on relationships."

Red Storm is no stranger to collaborating with developers. In fact, the last game they worked on was Far Cry 3.