Persona 3: The Movie coming to the US in May

Persona 3: The Movie is coming to the US. The first movie, The Spring of Birth, will be available on Blu-ray on May 20th. Based on Persona 3, the film tells the story of Gekkoukan High School students that joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) on a goal to rid the world of Shadows that haunt humanity during the Dark Hour--a hidden period of time between one day and the next.

Described as an "Import" release, the Blu-ray will offer English subtitles for the film, but won't include a dub or any language options for any of the special features.

The Standard Edition will retail for $75, but a Collector's Edition which includes a soundtrack CD, book, and cards, will retail for $100. Aniplex (via Joystiq) will be selling pre-orders with a 20% discount. If the prices seem high, it's because Japanese media tends to be significantly more expensive than American.

The second chapter of the film, A Midsummer Knight's Dream, is due for Japanese cinemas in June. Given the US release of the first chapter, it's likely that an English release of the second chapter will follow shortly.