Battlefield 4 gets remote loadout presets tomorrow

With a large variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from in Battlefield 4, you may not want to waste too much worrying about your weapon loadout in the middle of a session. With that in mind, DICE is going to allow players to remotely set their loadout presets for each of the game's individual classes with tomorrow's April 8 update.

Players can customize their loadouts however they please, filling slots for their assault, engineer, and support roles. Players can have two presets for each class's weapon kits and vehicles, with Battlefield Premium members getting four presets. Loadouts can be set either through the Battlelog website or through the iOS/Android Battlelog app. Loadout presets cannot be set or adjusted from the game itself.

The Battlefield blog adds, "The Loadout Presets are rolling out with the Battlelog update on April 8. We will continue to tweak and add functions to the feature, based on your feedback and comments."