April Fools: Wargaming launches World of Tanks: Crayfish

Browser-based is going to be the next big buzz word of gaming, and the chaps at Wargaming have decided to get their hands dirty. Launching today is World of Tanks: Crayfish, a spin-off of the popular F2P tank game. Developed by Wargaming Seattle, the game is being described as Chris Taylor's "next big thing."

Crayfish will feature four original battle arenas and 10 levels of PvE combat. Players will have to defend themselves against three classes of crayfish: Small, Medium, and Large.

“I've been asked recently why an international company with over 3,000 employees is so slow in presenting new titles and what Chris Taylor and his team are working on in Seattle,” Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi said in the release. "Well, here's our latest project, and it answers both."

Wargaming promises that the next update will add a two-player co-op mode. You can play the game here.