Goat Simulator pre-orders get early bird access

This week is quickly being defined by two things: virtual reality... and goats. Not content to let Double Fine hog the goat-related fun, Coffee Stain Studios is ready to release their own goat game, Goat Simulator, and offer it to early adopters four days in advance.

The newest Goat Simulator trailer shows the leisurely life of a goat, who lazes around on the grass after a full day of wanton destruction and total mayhem. Look, you'd be exhausted, too, if you spent the day flying around with a jetpack between your teeth. If the game itself doesn't offer enough goat shenanigans for you, Coffee Stain is also promising substantial Steam Workshop support, allowing players to create their own goats, levels, missions, and game modes.

Goat Simulator is set to release on PC on April 1, while those that pre-order from the game's website will get it on March 28.