Trials Fusion trailer gets tricky on FMX tracks

RedLynx has already shown some of the tricks that Trials Fusion has up its sleeve. But now it's time to take to your bike for some Freestyle Motorcross action. The latest Fusion trailer reveals some of the keen tricks you'll be able to pull off atop your FMX racer, while also showing some hilarious hits, because nothing's funnier than multiple compound fractures.

While the previous trailer showed off some of Fusion's multiplayer capabilities, this new video veers closer to classic Trials gameplay, with bikers showing off tricks and high scores in an effort to score higher than your friends. It also shows off some of the game's special FMX tracks, designed solely for the game's two-wheeled motorized contraptions.

Trials Fusion is set to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 on April 16. The PC version has been delayed slightly to April 24, but the closed beta is already underway for those that have already pre-purchased the game.