Insurgency ushers in 'Molotov Spring' update in late March

New World Interactive is preparing to release the first major content update for its squad-based tactical FPS, Insurgency. Titled 'Molotov Spring,'the free update will add two new maps, new game modes, additional weapons and attachments, and improved co-op play.

Co-op teams will encounter a noticeable AI improvement, with bots now able to toss grenades and RPGs at incoming players. New maps will also be designed to feel larger. To that end, NWI has remade the Buhriz map to add wider spaces and additional buildings.

More information on the Buhriz re-design can be found on Insurgency's Steam Community page. You can also check out a tense 15-minute playthrough below, showing just how much more sophisticated the enemy AI has become. NWI is aiming to release the Molotov Spring update at the end of March, while Steam is offering the game for 33% off for the rest of this week.