MacGyver game being duct-taped together for mobile

MacGyver is becoming a video game. The iconic 80s TV series followed the adventures of a secret agent who had the magical ability to transform everyday appliances into useful gadgets needed to escape dangerous situations.

The game adaptation is being handled by Fairplay Media, who rightly points out the IP's inherent compatibility with the puzzle genre. "To most people MacGyver is a household name that conjures up so many fond memories of puzzle solving, ingenuity and doing ‘a MacGyver,'" CEO Simon Phillips said in the announcement.

Series creator Lee Zlotoff is excited to bring MacGyver back in action. "We're excited to be able to bring MacGyver up to date and into the mobile games market," he said. "Games are the perfect way for Mac to start new adventures with both the existing fans and an entirely new global audience as well."

The first game is targeting mobile platforms and is already in "deep development."