XCOM creator launches crowd-funding for Chaos Reborn

XCOM: UFO Defense creator Julian Gollop has launched a crowd-funding campaign for his next game. Chaos Reborn is a reboot of one of his 1985 ZX Spectrum game Chaos: The Battle of the Wizards. You'll customize your own wizard and go head-to-head against five others.

The Kickstarter campaign (via Joystiq) is seeking $180,000 by April 17, and as of the time of writing it's already raised more than $50,000. It's aiming to release in spring 2015.

Chaos Reborn has been in development since November 2012, and a prototype was shown off earlier this month, and it can be seen in action in the video.

Shacknews' crowdfunding policy requires games to have a prototype for front-page coverage.