CastleStorm and KickBeat coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Zen Studios is bring multiple games to next-gen systems. First up is KickBeat: Special Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. Originally released on PS3 and Vita, the rhythm fighting game is getting new features and additional soundtracks for next-gen consoles. Like the original, the game will let you import your own music, letting you create new tracks to play along with.

Pinball FX2 is also coming to Xbox One. The game is already available on PS4 as Zen Pinball 2.

Finally, CastleStorm: Definitive Edition will also come to PS4 and Xbox One. Described as a "super-genre mashup," the updated port will include new content, including new battles, modes, spells, and features.

"It is an exciting time for independent developers and we definitely feel strong support from both Microsoft and Sony in helping us bring our games to these new consoles,” VP of Publishing Mel Kirk said in the announcement.