Metrico gets gendered trailers with in-game footage

Infographic themed Vita puzzler Metrico has gotten its first trailer(s) showing in-game footage, though developer Digital Dreams is careful to note that it's not showing actual gameplay yet. This is in preparation for an upcoming release date announcement for sometime this spring, which is presumably when we'll see how the heck you solve puzzles by making charts.

As explained on the PlayStation.Blog, Metrico consists of six worlds with different types of infographics. The developer also notes that it's done a lot of experimentation, and some of the Vita features led it to make aspects of the game that don't revolve entirely around the puzzle conceit. It uses examples like the Vita reading how you're holding it or how much light is in the room, so that could lead to some clever applications. If only we knew just how the game works.

The trailer comes in two flavors: Boy and Girl. You can make the choice yourself here, or just watch them both below.