Tale of Tales announces 'first-person exploration' Sunset

Once upon a time, The Path and Luxuria Superbia developer Tale of Tales' new games seemed so far away from mainstream gaming. Perhaps more because conceptions of games have shifted that the dev's focus has, its latest almost seems commonplace. The Belgian duo this week announced Sunset, a "first-person exploration" of a single apartment against a backdrop of civil war.

Sunset is set in a fictional 1970s tropical republic caught in civil war, but goes down entirely within a penthouse apartment. Players will be a mere housekeeper, visiting the apartment's rich owner weekly and uncovering more of their past--and their relation to the conflict brewing outside. Their relationship will develop depending on what players do, perhaps becoming lovers, or joining the revolution.

"It's like a shooter game where you are not the hero but one of the people in the background," Tale of Tales said in the announcement. "And also that is how it feels to live in the world today, surrounded by the evidence of war but most of us not feeling a part of it."

Though this is all entirely in keeping with Tale of Tales' long interest in developing relationships and contemplative exploration, the success of games like Gone Home means what was once avant-garde is now relatively well-accepted. ToT's notgames not-manifesto doesn't sound nearly as bold as it did four years ago. Good job, video games.