Space Hulk DLC deploys Space Wolves forces

Space Hulk was more than a mite wonky at launch, but patching did fix up a fair few fan concerns. It still starred those boring old Blood Angels, though. A new DLC pack tackles that, adding the Space Wolves with their campy space-Viking weapons and powers. It chucks in a few icy extra missions too.

$4.99 gets you 11 unique Space Wolves terminators, beards and wolf hats and all, along with the chapter's iconic Frost Axe and Wolf Claw weapons. A new Runepriest brings the Murderous Lightning and Hurricane magic spells. They'll star in a new three-mission mini-campaign set on a chilly space hulk, the Messenger of Woe, but the Space Wolves terminators can be played in any other campaign or mission too.

The DLC is out now on Steam and in the iOS version. The base game's a third-off on Steam until Sunday too, down to $20.09. Here, look at these wacky space-Vikings: