Space Hulk deploys three new missions and huge patch

Full Control's Space Hulk may be a mite wonky, according to critics, but it's trying to put that right. The developer today launched a hefty patch for its video game adaptation of the Games Workshop board game, with oodles of fixes and a new three-mission mini-campaign.

The new mission, Messenger of Purgatory, will send Space Marines a-hulkin' to retrieve the remains of one Captain Atarius. The Gene Stealers may have something to say about that.

"We wanted to give the community a big 'thank you' for the wonderful support they have shown, through the first stage of launch, and we think that fans will really love the Messenger of Purgatory campaign," CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund said in today's announcement. "This game update addresses many of the fan requests and suggestions that continue to hone and refine the experience of Space Hulk."

Fixes and improvements in the changelog include "greatly improved" performance, options for faster unit animations, and "improved visuals" for environments and units.